Тест по английскому языку с ответами. Скачать бесплатно

ДЛЯ II курса
 Форма контроля - зачет
(сдается в осеннюю сессию)

Unit 1: Test
Part V. Circle the correct verb.

1. At the moment the company________________________ its Internet services.
a. is marketing         b. markets
2.    At my company everyone___________________________ casually on Fridays.
  a. is dressing          b. dresses
3.    Right now he_________________________ new products for home use.
a. is designing         b. designs
4.    We_____________________________________    fifty suppliers in Korea.
a. are having        b. have
5.    The consultants always________________    brochures.
a. are providing         b. provide

Part VI. Circle the correct word or phrase.
1.  _________________________     office wear is popular in many companies.
a. Suit             b. Client            c.   Casual
2. What does your company _____________________at its Bangkok factory?
a. employ        b.   manufacture        c.   hire
3. We're_____________    new products for our banking division.
a. developing        b.   basing              c.   hiring
4.   Last year's___________________ was over 500 million dollars.
a. client        b.   annual income            c.   finance
5.   The head office is expanding its_________________        services.
a. consulting         b.   dress code        c.   suit
6. Which firm is the largest__________________ of personal computers in Asia?
a. employee          b.   executive    c.   supplier

Unit 2: Test
Part V. Circle the correct answer.
1.   It's an exciting game, ___________________?       
a. isn't it     b. is it
2. You don't need any help, ______________?           
a. don't you     b. do you
3. This isn't your first trip to Brazil, ____________?        
a. isn't it      b. is it
4. You're from Singapore, ____________________?       
a. aren't you     b. are you
5. He has my e-mail address ,_________________?       
a. doesn't he     b. does he
Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. Before we begin the meal, we always have a few minutes of_____________.   
a. host            b.   tea            c.   small talk
2. Soccer is becoming more___________________________in the United States.     
a. delicious         b.   popular        c.   excellent
3. What should we order from the _______________________?
a. menu        b.   guest        c.   bill
4. I'm in Boston for a one-week ________________________    program.
a. trip                b.   paperwork        c.   training
5. I'm a big sports ________________.   
a. fan                     b.  bill              c.   Small talk
6. Let's stop at this restaurant for a quick  ________________________.
a. host             b.   meal         c.   menu

Unit 3: Test
Part V.   Circle the correct preposition.
1. My commute ______________ Friday is always very long.
a. at            b.        in            c.        on
2. We are taking the clients sightseeing ____________ the afternoon.
a. at            b.        in            c.        on
3. We have an appointment tomorrow __________________ noon.
a. at        b.        in        c.        on
4. Leo is leaving for Venezuela ________________ his birthday.
a. at        b.        in        c.        on
5. Celia's presentation begins ________________ one o'clock.
a. at         b.        in        c.        on

Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1.  Ms. Marco's flight ___________________ later today.
a. arrives        b.   arranges            c.   sets up
2. Are you ______________________ on Monday?
a. convenient           b.   available            c.   sorry
3. I'll be at a sales ______________________ until lunch.
a. calendar        b.   commute            c.   presentation
4. What does your _______________ look like for next week?
a. schedule        b.   sightseeing        c.   trade show
5. The partners need to ________ a videoconference with the head office.
a. arrive        b.   schedule            c.   depart
6. Over a hundred companies are participating in the ________ next month.
a. rush hour             b.   manufacturing plant      c.   trade show
Unit 4: Test
Part V.   Circle the correct word.
1. How long ________________________ you been in the automotive industry?
a.    have         b.    has
2. We ___________________________ promoted anyone to that position.
a.    haven't    b.    didn't
3. Where ___________________ you work before you moved to Asia?
a.    have        b.    did
4. Mr. Marchini has been a director _______________ August.
a.    since        b.    for
5. Mrs. Yee has worked in product development _____________ fifteen years.
a.    since        b.    for

Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. My sister has had two promotions this year. She is definitely on the_______________.
a.fast track        b.position           c.   degree
2. I'm thinking about a career in_______________________________.
a.candidates           b.sales assistants        c.   marketing
3. Her ______________interest was research and development, but she has changed fields.
a.current        b.previous           c.   senior
4. After I graduated from college with a __________in computers, I worked in France for a year.
a.promotion           b.degree           c.   management
5. There are three well-qualified _____________________for the vice presidency.
a.candidates           b.promotions              c.   departments
6. The product development job requires good_______________________.   
a.positions             b.fast track           c.   computer skills

Unit 5; Test
Part V.   Write these irregular verbs in the past tense.

PRESENT            PAST
1.     find            ____found_________       
2.     know            ___________knew__   
3.     rise            _________rose____       
4.         lose            _______lost_______       
5.         sell            _______sold______
Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. The competition ___________________its market share from 12% to 15% last year.
a. reached        b.    fell        c.   increased
2. Our main competitor dramatically redesigned its _______________a year ago.
a. morale        b.    keyboard        c.   peak
3. In 1996, sales remained______________________, but they increased in 1997.
a. flat            b.    dramatically        c.   steadily
4. Oil prices have _________________________________in the past two months.
a. performed           b.    reduced        c.   dropped
5. The company's new ___________________________has improved its image.
a. peak        b.    logo        c.   customer satisfaction
6. A customer _____________________helped our managers identify problems in our service department.
a. survey        b.   image        c.   market


Unit 6: Test
Part V.   Circle the correct verb.
1. The packages _________________________on the shelf every morning.
a. put         b. are put
2. The fruit____________________________ before the customers arrive.
a. washes     b. is washed
3. I _______________________your delivery date yesterday.
a. checked     b. was checked
4. The customer________________________ the groceries at home.
a. unloaded    b. was unloaded
5. The order_____________________ yesterday.
a. shipped     b. was shipped

Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. We____________________________    all the top candidates.
a. stored         b. advertised        c.   ranked
2. What is the_________________for new positions at your company?
a. hiring process           b. resume             c.   delivery process
3. We have a two-step    ___________________.
a. supplier        b. hiring process    c.   status
4. First, the package is taken off the_______________.         
a. warehouse        b. conveyer belt    c.   distribution center
5.  The managers are_____________ on the basis of their performance and customer  feedback.
a. advertised        b. stored         c.   evaluated
6.  Customers can place orders _____________ or by telephone.
        a. online        b. delivery process       c.   e-commerce
Unit 7; Test
Part V.   Circle the correct answer.
1.    ____________________________put off the conference?
a. Could you         b. Would you min
2. ___________________________delete the last paragraph?
a. Why don't we    b. Ought to I
3. ___________________________ call the conference center for you.
a. I'll             b. You could
4. We ________________________________discuss the reception menu.
a. should to         b. ought to
5. ___________________________staffing the reception area from noon to two?
a. Can you        b. Would you mind

Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. I need to change my________ because meetings are now being held near the airport.
a. accommodations          b. booths        c.   promotional videos
2. Use____________________    to inform everyone about the time change for the reception.
a. interoffice mail        b. brochures        c.   suites
3. Who should I contact at the________________________ ?
a. correspondence            b. conference center       c.   promotional video
4. _________________________ unnecessary e-mail messages.
a. Interrupt            b. Delete         c.   Staff
5. Turn off your ______________________________before you enter the theater.
a. courier            b. memo        c.   pager
6. Who will _________________________________the booth on Saturday?
a. put off            b. staff            c.   work out


Unit1-7: Summary Test 
Part V.   Circle the correct answer.
1. Currently, we__________________ more headsets in Japan than in Singapore.
a. sell            b. are selling
2. Would you mind____________ some sightseeing for our visitors?
a. arrange         b. arranging
3. That was a wonderful presentation, _____________________?
a. was it         b. wasn't it
4. You don't have my cell phone number, ___________________?   
a. do you        b. have you
5. Next month I ____________________________to Germany for a week.
a. go             b. am going
6. When _____________________in the marketing department?
a. did you work    b. have you worked
7. I ____________________________at Lin Corp since last January.
a. was            b. have been
8. The candidates_______________    by the search committee last week.
a. interviewed     b. were interviewed
9. The newspaper________________ every morning by eight o'clock.
a. delivers         b. is delivere
10. Ms. Kato's company has provided consulting services to our corporation
a. since        b. for

Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. We're looking for a new ______________company to handle all of our shipping.
a. route        b. transportation            c.   market
2. Is it important for you to dress ___________________at work?
a. formally        b. top                c.   steadily
3. Do you take milk and sugar with your _________________________?
a. food        b. mineral water                     c.   tea
4. I have a ten o'clock _________________________ with Mr. Gonzalez.
a. system         b. appointment        c.   financial services
5. Can you ________________ a good research and development firm?   
a. enjoy         b. arrive            c.   recommend
6. Our CEO has a __________________in management from an excellent university.
a. recommendation    b. degree            c.   status
7. I plan to ____________ this survey since it didn't give us much information.
a. redesign        b. invest            c.   recommend
8. It's __________________a    process; first we select the finest fruit, and then we sort it according to size.
a. two-step          b. falling                c.   previous
9. The fruit is _________________________before it's placed on the conveyer belt.
a. improved         b. sorted            c.   enjoyed
10. Please send us your___________________ by fax or by e-mail.
a. resume         b. Web            c.   shipment


Unit 8: Test
1. The Tribox Corporation______________ a new human resources director last month.
a. appointed         b. has appointed
2. The manager _____________ the sales team recently.
a. reorganized     b. has reorganized
3. Profits ___________________in 1999.
a. went down         b. have gone down
4. We __________________________ a professional recruiter a year ago.
a. hired        b. have hired
5. Our market share _________sharply over the past two months and it is still decreasing.
a. decreased         b. has decreased

Part VI. Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. ___ _______________prices have fallen recently.
a. Stock         b. Profit     c.   Achievement
2. We've ______________ a new CEO.
a. restructured        b. outsourced          c.   appointed
3. Many construction companies outsource their _____________.   
a. stock        b. security services    c.   layoffs
4. We no longer do our own hiring; we use professional ____________.
a. information technology       b. recruiters        c.      distribution channels
5. After Company X bought Company Y, 2,000 workers were _____________.
a. laid off            b. expanded        c.   launched
6. All candidates are interviewed by _________________.
a. distribution channels    b. human resources       c.   maintenance services

Unit 9: Test
Part V.   Circle the correct answer
1. We have _________________inventory in stock.
a. too much         b. too many
2. We don't have ________________ technicians, so our orders aren't ready on time.
a. too much        b. enough
3. There aren't _____________________in the warehouse this month.
a. items enough     b. enough items
4. We'll take ______________ computers as you have.
a. as much        b. as many
5. We're ____________________ days behind schedule because of the strike.
a. a few         b. a little

Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. Customers aren't happy. There are a lot of_____________ on the manager's desk.
a. deadlines        b. strikes        c.   complaint forms
2. We've just received your ________________for the amount of $3,000. We'll send
payment shortly.
a. data        b. invoice      c.   account
3. All shipments were held up, so we've missed _____________.
a. deadlines                b. issues         c.   pagers
4. The new system alerts ______________________as soon as there's a problem.
a. complaint forms     b. feedback       c.   technicians
5. Whenever my computer isn't working,! call the __________staff at extension 12.
a. technical support    b. inventory    c.   strike
6.   Please accept our apologies for any __________ this delay may have caused.   
a. progress report       b. inconvenience       c.   deadline


Unit 10; Test
Part V.   Circle the correct verb.
1. It's definite. We__________ open the new branch in Osaka by June.
a. plan to              b. might
2. We haven't decided which phone plan to use. We  _____________AT&T.
a. are thinking of choosing     b. are going to choose
3. We've hired fifty new technicians. We _________compete effectively with the
increased staff.
a. might             b. expect to   
4. There was a strike last month. We ____________-have enough inventory.
a. might not             b. should not
5. Sales have been fantastic all year. We  __________________our sales goals.
a. are thinking of achieving     b. will probably achieve

Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. We expect to ________our client base in the long term because we are committed to service.
a. compete        b. maintain        c.   excel   
2. We're considering a ________________________with a Venezuelan firm.
a. rate            b. range        c.   joint venture
3. Before the audience arrives, check the ________________for your presentation.
a. client base             b. equipment           c.   service plan
4. We plan to develop    ________________________-technologies to stay competitive.
a. cutting-edge           b. residential           c.   lower
5. You might consider putting all the data on a ____________-for your audience.
a. charge        b. location        c.   handout
6. To    productivity, we expect to purchase 150,000 more effective machines.
a. excel            b. maximize            c.   reduce
Unit 11: Test
Part V.   Circle the correct answer.
1. Our Trimline cell phone is __________ than the earlier model.
a. lighter         b. more lighter
2.  Our ________________computer is the Model A100.
a. powerfulest     b. most powerful
3. The warranty lasts ________on the cell phone than on the smart phone.
a. longer         b. more long
4. We have _____________technology.
a. the latest         b. the most latest
5. Which one has ______________features?
a. most          b. the most

Part VI.   Circle the correct word.
1. Many salespeople think they have to be _____________to make a sale.
a. compact           b. aggressive            c.   standard
2. There isn't much ___________________________ for last year's model.
a. weight        b. warranty        c.   demand
3. The salesperson gave me a ___________of 10% on my new DVD player.
a. discount           b. feature        c.   warranty
4. Is there enough ____ _________to store 100 numbers on this cell phone?
a. battery                b. memory        c.   weight
5. My old computer has an ______________________ modem.
a. external           b. honest        c.   opposite
6. It's very convenient to have a _______________phone when traveling.
a. floppy        b. stylish        c.   wireless


Unit 12; Test
Part V.   Circle the correct verb.
1. We missed our flight. We ________________cancel last night's meeting.
a. have to         b. had to
2. I _________________to meet yesterday's deadline.
a. am able         b. was able
3. __________________you have to recruit more employees next year?
a. Will         b. Did
4. Maria ________________leave for the airport in an hour.
a. has to        b. had to
5. David ________________be able to take a vacation this year.
a. can't         b. won't
Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. We've been ___________and behind schedule all week because many workers have the flu.
a. sensitive        b. short-staffed        c.   loyal.
2. Finding qualified applicants is our top ________________________.
a. leader        b. bonus           c.   priority
3. Ms. Cole isn't in the Atlanta office anymore. They have ________her to the Miami office.   
a. reassigned        b. staffed        c.   recruited
4. When I retire, I'll live on the money in my _____________.   
a. health insurance    b. perks        c.   pension plan
5. Because people are missing    _______________, we won't finish the project on time.
a. choices                    b. deadlines        c.   flextime
6. We're looking for ___________managers. We're only hiring people who can work in many departments.
a. adaptable        b. cautious        c.   loyal
Unit 13; Test
Part V.   Circle the correct verb.
1. If employees don't get another week of vacation next year, they ______________unhappy.
a. will be         b. are
2. If the company ___________show a profit on the annual report, we won't get raises.
a. won't         b. doesn't
3. If there are opportunities next year for promotion, employees ______________motivated.
a. are             b. will be
4. If Martin lowers the sales quotas for bonuses next month, his team ___________harder.
a. works         b. will work
5. If we     __________________the budget, we won't be able to buy new computers.
a. cut            b. will cut

Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. If we can increase employee _____________________, sales will rise.
a. estimates        b. motivation        c.   turnovers
2. Let's _____________________what we can do about productivity.
a. brainstorm        b. keep up with           c.   participate
3. Send out the _______________ before the meeting so everyone knows what will be discussed.
a. turnover        b. flipchart        c.   agenda
4.  ________________________ have at least one meeting per day.
a. Opportunities.          b. Quotas        c.   White-collar workers
5. We plan to add a million dollars to next year's _______________________.
a. budget        b. participant        c.   c. motivation
6. The most ________________meetings are those held hi groups with fewer than six people.
a. responsible        b. b.   effective        c.   absolute
Unit 14; Test
Part V.   Circle the correct answer.
1. Young people ________________us if we advertised on the radio.
a. hear         b. would hear
2. If I __________________you, I would use direct mail.
a. was             b. were
3. I know we don't have much money left in the budget, but what if we _______on our Web site?
a. advertise        b. advertised
4. Your ideas _______________work if they appealed to teenagers.
a. could        b. do
5. If I were you, I ________________use cartoon characters in the advertising campaign.
a. would         b. will

Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. We'll need to change the size of our ___________if we want to be successful in other markets.
a. facilities        b. links        c.   cartons
2. Cartoon characters ___________________children.
a. appeal to        b. advertise        c.   recommend
3. Users of the Web site have found the facilities ____________________to be very helpful.
a. audience        b. link            c.   billboard
4. How can we determine if our product is __________________for your market?
a. located        b. appropriate           c.   immediate
5. Although it would reach millions of consumers, a _____________would be too expensive.
a. superstition            b. flavor        c.   TV commercial
6. Advertising on the Web could _________________ a lot of young people.
a. reach        b. stock        c.   place

Units 8-14; Summary Test
Part V.   Circle the correct answer.
1. The company ________________________ a lot of workers last month.
a. laid off            b. has laid off
2. There aren't ______________________ to finish the job by noon.
a. technicians enough     b. enough technicians
3. The projector isn't working, so we _____________ make handouts for everyone.
a. will have to         b. had
4. This camera is __________________ than the one with the zoom lens.
a. more convenient         b. more convenienter
5. Model 2800 is ____________________ one with the most memory.
a. the most cheap         b. the cheapest
6. I _______ pay for six months by last Friday to get the lower health club membership rate.
a. have to            b. had to
7. What if we __________________ the managers to let us leave early?
a. persuaded            b. persuade
8. If we ___________________ some suggestions, we can give them to the boss.
a. will brainstorm        b. brainstorm
9. If employees participate in the pension plan, they ________ more money when they retire.
a. will have             b. have
10. If I were you, I ____________________the presentation on time.
a. would start             b. start

Part VI.   Circle the correct word or phrase.
1. Our company has recently started _____________________ the payroll.
a. distribution channels     b. outsourcing            c.   profit
2. If you could e-mail your response by April 12, I'd     _____________________it.
a. appreciate            b. recruit        c.   restructure
3. When a lot of ____________are used in a presentation, the audience is more involved.
a. service providers        b. visuals        c.   modems
4. Our information technology staff helps us _______________ all computer changes.
a. lay off            b. aim at        c.   keep up with
5. What are your phone__________________________ to Beijing?
a. rates            b. turnovers        c.   warranties
6. Here's ___________________ so you can save the work you've done on my computer.
a. a DVD player        b. a floppy disk          c.   RAM
7. What __________________ speakers! They won't take up any space on the shelf.
a. attractive            b. luxurious        c.   tiny
8. If I pay in advance, can I have a ________________________?
a. discount            b. feature        c.   quota
9. We're sorry. We take only cash, no _____________________-.
a. guidelines            b. bonuses        c.   credit cards
10. I'm glad my company offers_____ so I can work at home and come into the office at noon.
a. flextime            b. restructuring          c.   bonuses


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